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Why Use GeographyJobs.com?

With specialized vacancies, it only makes sense to market to job seekers in terms of how they define themselves, rather than how your organization defines itself. Our job seekers know themselves and what they are looking for in a career, but do they know that your organization values their particular skills, or that you even exist?

When you advertise on general, sector-based, or industry-based job sites, you force job seekers to find you based on how your organization defines itself. What are the chances that they find you? There are so many general sites. Will they visit the one you use? What if they never thought about your particular industry or sector as a potential destination for their skills?

By advertising on GeographyJobs.com, you market to candidates in terms of how they define themselves: by their education, experience and the kinds of vacancies they wish to fill. Not only will you reach the candidates you need, but you'll extend your brand to a valuable group of talented people by recognizing and acknowledging their unique expertise.

Here's a little about our audience of job seekers...

Job Seeker Age

18 to 24 years 35%
25 to 29 years 27%
30 to 39 years 20%
40 to 49 years 15%
50+ years 3%

They're motivated:

  • 55% are actively seeking a position.
  • 33% are evaluating career opportunities.

They’re bright:

  • 59% have post secondary degree.
  • 26% have post graduate degree.
  • 12% are pursuing post secondary degree.

They think we're highly relevant to their job search

  • 74% believe niche sites like GeographyJobs.com are more relevant than general job sites.
  • 23% believe niche sites and national job sites are of equal relevance.

They love our job focus:

  • 100% are interested in one or more of the following areas of work:

Urban, Transport & Emergency Planning · Regeneration & Economic Development · Housing
GIS · Remote Sensing · Spatial Analysis · The Environment · Education & Academia

Get better value. Market to your target, not the masses.

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Targeted Vacancy Marketing:

  • Market to candidates in the way they define themselves, by education, experience & job interest.

Job Seeker Demographics:

  • 74% prefer niche job sites.
  • 85% post secondary degree or higher.
  • 100% are interested in our job focus.

How we reach relevant job seekers:

  • Matching job seekers immediately receive your posting by email or RSS.
  • Great search engine rankings for the search terms most relevant to our job categories.
  • Our site XML feeds automatically post your jobs in career portals increasing the exposure of your ads.

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