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Brian Doucet

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and have lived in Utrecht, the Netherlands since 2004. I received a BA from the University of Toronto in geography and history in 2003, a Master’s in human geography from Utrecht University in 2006 and a PhD in urban geography, also from Utrecht in 2010. The title of my dissertation was entitled Rich cities with poor people: waterfront regeneration in the Netherlands and Scotland. It focused on who profits from flagship megaprojects and focused on case studies in Rotterdam and Glasgow. 

My research interests focus on broad themes within urban geography including urban regeneration, gentrification, neighbourhood change, immigrant settlement patterns and urban growth and development. I am interested in examining both the large political-economic forces involved in shaping cities, and the way in which urban change is perceived and experienced by residents. I am now working as a lecturer in urban geography at Utrecht University. My current research focuses on the experiences of those living through gentrification, and trying to gain a better understanding about patterns of neighbourhood change and decline by gaining insight into the reasons people choose not to live in certain places. I can be reached at: or visit

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