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Job Status :   Full Time, Employee
Company :   Oxy Oil and Gas Corporation
Posting Date :   April 13
Closing Date :   OPEN
Relevant Experience :   7 Year(s)
Number of Positions :   1
Location :   Houston, Texas
Category :   GIS


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Oxy Oil and Gas Corporation

GIS Engineer

Oxy Oil and Gas Corporation (OOG) is developing Geographical Information Systems focused on oil and gas operations.  The expected results are as follows:

  • Reduced cycle time as a result of: (1) improved access to information used for planning and decision making, and (2) simultaneous dissemination of information to multiple disciplines from a common platform
  • Improved workforce and heavy equipment productivity resulting from improved planning
  • Lower operating costs resulting from improved asset management 
  • Improved response times to safety and environmental incidents and equipment malfunctions or failures
  • Improved knowledge of and management of company risk, as well as the availability of tools to mitigate identified risks


Essential Job Duties:

The GIS Engineer will work from OOG’s Worldwide Surface Operations Group in Houston, Texas, to develop GIS capabilities within OOG Business Units focused on all aspects of oil and gas operations including but not limited to:

1.    Well construction

2.    Well operations and maintenance

3.    Surface system operations and maintenance:

§  Pipelines

§  Production facilities

§  Electrical systems

§  Automation systems

§  Communications system

§  Roads and other infrastructure

4.    Asset integrity and mechanical integrity

5.    Capital project planning, execution and documentation

6.    Material and equipment supply logistics

7.    Land use

8.    Safety and environmental risk management

9.    Emergency response and incident management systems

This work will be performed in conjunction with GIS personnel within OOG Business Units and the Oxy Information Technology Department.  In the course of GIS implementation, the GIS Engineer will not only bring an operations management focus but also will document the results and lessons learned.  Using this information, the GIS Engineer will continually refine the business case and implementation processes for GIS in preparation to duplicate successes across OOG.  The successful candidate must have the ability to approach GIS development from the perspective of the varied users within OOG’s Operations.


Required Qualifications and Skills:


1.    Bachelor's degree or higher in an engineering discipline 

2.    A minimum of 7 years of industrial experience with significant upstream oil and gas operations and/or engineering experience

3.    Thorough knowledge of oil and gas operations and maintenance functions, asset integrity and mechanical integrity

4.    Basic database skills

5.    Working knowledge of ESRI, ArcGIS and other GIS software applications

6.    Working knowledge of up-to-date mapping and data capture tools, technologies and methodologies

7.    Thorough knowledge of Coordinate Reference Systems with the ability to georeference data, transform coordinates between systems, and resolve cartographic discrepancies

8.    Demonstrated commitment to safety

9.    Ability to work effectively across multiple disciplines, cultures and locations to accomplish expected results

10. Ability to work in a team environment to accomplish successful results without possessing formal authority

11. Ability to work successfully with simultaneous accountability to OOG Worldwide Surface Operations and to OOG Business Unit customers

12. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally to a broad range of audiences within OOG

13. Ability to evaluate and communicate the business value of GIS technologies

14. Project management skills to enable successful definition, planning and execution of GIS implementation projects

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