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Job Status :   Full Time, Employee
Company :   ASRC Energy Services
Posting Date :   April 20
Closing Date :   OPEN
Relevant Experience :   2 Year(s)
Number of Positions :   1
Location :   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Category :   Environmental
Remote Sensing


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ASRC Energy Services

Global Land Cover Specialist - Research Earth Scientist

ASRC Research and Technology Solutions (ARTS), a Subsidiary of ASRC Federal Holding Company, is an engineering, research and technology services company with contracts supporting multiple federal agencies. Our extensive team of Ph.D. scientists, engineers and professional management personnel allows us to bring real-world experience to meet the growing demand for solutions to some of the most complex problems in Aeronautics, Aviation, IT Management, and Earth and Space Sciences.

ARTS supports the U.S. Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS) and is seeking an entry level Scientist (Global Land Cover Specialist-Research Earth Scientist) to support the Global Land Cover Project to improve scientific understanding of the distribution and dynamics of global land cover and land cover change.


As part of the ARTS and USGS research team, the incumbent will:

*Perform analysis to investigate and understand biological and physical earth systems, and assist in the development of new earth science knowledge, new applications of data, new methods, and new products such as databases and maps

*Support USGS investigators performing research to produce land cover estimates of percent tree, percent bare ground, percent other vegetation and percent water presence

*Support USGS investigations in

-Developing innovative methodology to produce a global land cover baseline
- Designing, developing, and testing an operational monitoring system that provides periodic land cover estimates and change products
-Improving the availability of 30-meter land cover classification results
-Establishing the capability and capacity to develop historical land cover change time series
-Preparing draft manuscripts and participate in development of proposals
-Presenting research results in national and international seminars and conferences
-Preparing reports and research highlights as needed

Education, Abilities and Skills:

*Masters Degree or within six months of obtaining MS in the field of Geography, Environmental Science, Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing or equivalent field with an earned BS in one of the same disciplines

*Two years of experience demonstrating strong analytic skills in remote sensing imagery and land cover mapping

*Knowledge of the geographic and remote sensing principles used to formulate land cover mapping approaches

*Highly proficient in use of ERDAS and ESRI software to map or describe land features and characteristics

*Experience working with large geospatial databases

*Experience working with a wide variety of remotely sensed data including Landsat, MODIS, IKONOS, and QuickBird

*Excellent communication skills including writing and presentation skills with demonstrated proficiency in contributing to professional publications as well as proven ability to work as a highly functional team member

*Demonstrated proficiency of effective participation in a large, complex projects

*Evidence of peer networking and professional or other organizational activity

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