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Job Status :   Full Time, Employee
Company :   City of Richmond, Virginia
Posting Date :   April 3
Closing Date :   OPEN
Relevant Experience :   2 Year(s)
Number of Positions :   1
Salary :   $43,771.00 - $71,898.00
Location :   Richmond, Virginia
Category :   Emergency Planning


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City of Richmond, Virginia

GIS Analyst

The purpose of the position is to support the City of Richmond’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program. The position is responsible for GIS applications development, maintenance, management and use of the City’s Geodatabase. The position works within a general outline of work to be performed, and develops work methods and sequences under general supervision.

• Exercised: Classification typically does not supervise.
• Received:
• Note: Other reporting relationships may apply
Example of Duties:
The Division of Emergency Communciations City of Richmond is seeking a highly qualified and motivated team player to work with the Department of Information Technology Public Safety Application Development Team and Intergraph Corporation to create an intelligent geo database in support of the design, configuration, testing and implementation of a new Intergraph SQL 2005-based I/CAD System and related Intergraph suite of products including but not limited to I/Calltaker, I/Dispatcher, I/Mobile, I/Q&A, I/NetViewer, I/NetDispatcher, I/Fire Station Alerting, I/Fire Station Printing, I/MARS, I/Tracker and I/Page. Following the post-implementation period, the 911 GIS Manager / Assistant CAD Administrator will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the GIS foundation for the CAD System, maintenance of the 911 Master Street Address Guide (MSAG), assist the CAD Administrator with the day-to-day operation of the CAD System, attached devices and interface products with backup support provided by the DIT Public Safety Team.

Duties include, but are not limited to: maintains and manages Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology (ArcGIS and the SDE Geodatabase) for the 911 center GIS applications and requirements; supervises, maintains and manages 911-specific geographic information to support the City’s GIS Program; performs GIS applications development and SDE database management activities; assists in the development, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of GIS technology solutions related to operation and use of the City’s Geodatabase; coordinates assistance of other 911 Center GIS users; trains, manages, and evaluates GIS participation and involvement; coordinates extended training programs for end-users with the Training Program Manager; provides GIS technical support and supplementary training for GIS users; develops and presents information about GIS applications, training, and resource programs; maintains materials and documents related to the development, application, and

maintenance of GIS databases; generates routines and specialized geo-processing activities; assists the CAD Administrator with the overall management of CAD functionality.

Qualifications, Special Certifications and Licenses:
The preferred candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, or a related field, with a concentration in GIS technology; and at least 2 years of experience in the implementation and management of GIS. Experiences with GIS in support of a Computer-Aided Dispatch System in a 911 Public Safety environment, the Intergraph CAD product suite, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) Systems, MRF mapping tool kits, Microstation map editing tools and GeoMedia Professional map editing tools are desirable.

Additional minimum requirements include:

2 years experience Spatial Database Engine (8.3, or higher),2 years experience ArcGIS (8.3, or higher),2 years experience in development/maintenance/administration of GIS databasesExperience with Microsoft Windows 200x Server & Windows XPExperience with MS SQL Server

Understanding of networking concepts including routers and switchesUnderstanding of wireless devices and infrastructureKnowledge of Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems

Knowledge of 911 Wireless Phase II Concepts


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