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Job Status :   Full Time, Contract
Company :   University of Minnesota
Posting Date :   July 18
Closing Date :   OPEN
Relevant Experience :   0 Year(s)
Number of Positions :   1
Location :   Minneapolis, Minnesota
Category :   Academia and Education


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University of Minnesota

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Required/Preferred Qualifications
Required: A bachelor's degree in geography, computer science or a related field; or a combination of related education and work experience in the areas of application/web/systems development to equal four years, which includes experience in geographic information systems.

Preferred: Experience in preparing statistical summaries; experience in developing resource geodatabase 
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 25%
Serves as a GIS Specialist and participates in developing and implementing GIS and related technology for a natural resources activity. Is responsible for the development and maintenance of database structures, formats and dictionaries; and, ensures compatibility of spatial and tabular resource data with approved data standards and formats consistent with direction provided by natural resources specialists. Assists resource specialist through the use of specialized applications for data set creation and merging information such as digital elevation data, with various data sets such as vegetation, involving a mix of relational database sources.
Assists in GIS product implementation by developing methods of analysis, macros for product production, and producing GIS products. Performs resource digitizing changes and other support functions as needed. Prepares maps or reports to display integrated resource management projects and to monitor resource activities. Prepares statistical summaries. Verifies the integrity of completed products and avoids duplication of effort.

GIS Information Management Program Work 10%
Coordinates the development of resource geodatabase, including design, data collection, and resource database implementation. Ensures applicable data standards are available and used. Updates documentation and provides support and training in the use of the GIS system as needed.

Data Management 25%
Responsible for the organization, maintenance, and consistency of data for geospatial layers and attributes. Uses the full range of digital data collection techniques and performs scanning, digitizing and other support functions as needed to identify changes to ensure a correct and complete geospatial and tabular database. Resolves errors and ensures accuracy of data. Utilizes computer software programs to process and manipulate data to final output specifications.
Promotes the integration of the GIS into natural resource activities. Assists in developing tabular databases or organizing data to allow association with GIS-mapped data. Works to convert mapped and tabular resource data into a usable form, and checks entries for accuracy and compatibility with software requirements for use of the data. Documents all phases of GIS projects including software, database, product implementation, and training.

Application Development 40%
Participates with other application developers to develop and implement web-based GIS for the collection, storage and reporting of spatial information. The incumbent will be solely responsible for the development of applications that collect, store and report spatial information. They will work with other developers to insure that these spatial applications integrate into new or existing applications in a coherent and consistent fashion. 

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