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How do I protect my information but still upload a Resumé?

To help protect the information of concerned job seekers with regard to our searchable resumé database we offer a setting called Confidential Resumé status. When a resumé is set to Confidential, Contact Information fields are suppressed. If an employer is interested in contacting you about a position, we will contact you by email on their behalf with their contact information. You will then choose whether or not to respond to them.

Note that if you wish to keep your information confidential, that you MUST omit any personal or identifying information from the Searchable Information Fields or the resumé you paste into the designated box as the system will NOT suppress this information in these areas.
Note that if YOU APPLY for a job with a Confidential resumé, the employer will have full access to the Contact Information fields. The Confidential suppression feature only works with respect to the resumé database, NOT job applications.