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How do I search the job ads?

Searching ads from the homepage:

1. To view all ad postings available, simply click the “Search” button without entering a keyword or changing either the job category or location dropdown selectors.
2. If you wish to refine your search by using a keyword, enter it into the keyword field and click the “Search” button.
3. If you wish to further refine your search by location or job category, you may choose to select one from each dropdown.
4. If you would like to search for jobs in a given city, enter the name of that city in the keyword field with your other keywords.

Searching ads using the Advanced Search:

1. You may refine your search further by using the “Job Date” dropdown selector. This allows you to search jobs posted within the last three, seven or 30 days.
2. You may search using multiple job categories and multiple locations by holding down the “CONTROL” key (PC users) or the “COMMAND” key (Mac users), as you click your selections.