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Learning more about our job categories...

Some jobs could potentially fall under more than one of our categories. To account for this, our employers may classify their jobs under as many three categories which they feel fit the job description. For example, a job may be focused on the Environment but has a strong GIS component. This job would be found if you search or browse through both GIS and Environment categories. The list below is only a sample of the types of job postings you may find on Geography Jobs.

Academia & Education Jobs

University Professor, High School Geography Teacher, GIS Instructor, Research Assistant, Librarian & more.

Housing Jobs

Development Consultant, Housing Policy Writer, Housing Policy Analyst, Housing Administrator & more.

Economic Development Jobs

Market Analyst, Real Estate Analyst, Location Analyst, Economic Development Consultant, Regeneration Officer & more.

Remote Sensing Jobs

Software Developer, Photogrammetry Professional, Remote Sensing Technician, RS Data Analyst & more.

Emergency Planning Jobs

Emergency Response Modeler, Emergency Response Consultant, Emergency Planning Officer & more.

Research & Analysis Jobs

Research Manager, Market Researcher, Interviewer, Demographic Analyst, Research Assistant, Statistical Analyst, Real Estate Analyst, Market Analyst & more.

Environmental Jobs

Environmental Planner, Environmental Management Officer, Geologist, Hydrologist, Forestry Management Officer & more.

Transportation Planning Jobs

Transportation Planner, Traffic Engineer, Traffic Modeler, Transport Policy Writer & more.

GIS Jobs

GIS Analyst, Programmer / Developer, GIS Administrator, GIS Sales Professional, GPS Developer, Cartographer, GIS/CAD Technician, Data Acquisition Specialist, Database Analyst & more.

Urban Planning Jobs

Urban Planning Associate, Urban Design Consultant, Regional Planning Officer, Community Development Official, Development Control Official, Surveyor & more.